Anna – Fallen Gods @ ACS

 Fallen Gods @ A Clockwork Spiral

Hello everyone ❤

On Monday A Clockwork Spiral opened…yes it opened a little late but hey it was Monday and we all know how Mondays go but it is open and on the very first day 110,911L was raised for the National Kidney Foundation. Yay!! The designers have come up with so many great things that I have such a hard time with what to blog. I want to blog it all!!

If you have been following my blog for a while you know I am a big fan of Alia Baroque, the owner of Fallen God’s. Not just because he invites me to DJ his anniversary party every year but the man is a creative genius when it comes to fantasy designs in my opinion. What he comes up with is just incredible!

For A Clockwork Spiral Fallen Gods has released one of the most amazing and unique avatars I have seen in SL. Anna comes with its own shape, skin, hair,  eyes, outfit and parasol. Everything that I am wearing is included.

Stop by A Clockwork Spiral to see all the wonderful designs. Remember this event is to benefit the National Kidney Foundation so please stop by and support this worthy cause.

TP to A Clockwork Spiral


 Fallen Gods @ A Clockwork Spiral
(*) ANNA full avatar +Fallen Gods Inc. *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
comes w. shape, skin, hair, eyes, collar, dress, gloves, hair, hat & parasol
Thank you Alia Baroque ❤


 photo acs-2014_1024x512_event.jpg

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