Room With a View

 Room With a View

Hello Everyone 🙂

I hope your enjoying your weekend! I also hope you have stopped by A Clockwork Spiral and checked out all the amazing designs. I am doing something a little different for this post because I could not wait to show you all the wonderful things you can pick up for your home, business, hideout or wherever you are when your not shopping or clubbing.

I have seen 22769 at alot of events and no matter what the event is they ALWAYS come up with designs that are creative, well designed AND are perfect for the event they are in. For A Clockwork Spiral they have a unique collection of a side table, around the world rug, a clef that you can hang on the wall or even stand it up (hey its sl you can set it up however you want :)), grammaphon, hatstand, industrial floor lamp, spine light, steam powered pouf, couch, trunk table, armchair & violin nook. I also added by Nacht’s steam lamp and wheelchair. Both are available at A Clockwork Spiral.

The room I created myself with textures I had and the artwork I found on the net. 🙂

Stop by A Clockwork Spiral and support a very worthy cause ❤

 Room with a View

(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] A Clockwork Side Table *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tufted Armchair *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*)22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hatstand *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Trunk Table *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) ~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles : Gun Metal *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
Eudora 3D Steampunk Dynamite Hat Black Edition
(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Spine Light *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Industrial Floor Lamp *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Vintage Chesterfield *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Grammophon *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Around the World in one Day Rug *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Violin Nook *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) :*:CPD:*: Brass Homunculus in Bell Jar *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)
(*) :*:CPD:*: Heart in Bell Jar *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


(*) *~by Nacht ~ Wheelchair *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


(*) 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Steam Powered Pouf *NEW* (@ A Clockwork Spiral)


Thank you Paco Pooley, Nimil Blackflab, Lilah Munster & Fox Nacht ❤

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