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The Future is Now!

The Future is Now!

For any Sci Fi fan we dream about reaching beyond the stars, exploring new galaxies and meeting new and interesting beings from other planets. In real life that is still in the very distant future but not in Second Life. The Future is NOW and you can start exploring all that and more at Futurewave! I blogged Future wave last year and had such a blast with all the incredible creations that I could not wait for this year’s event. It is definitely not a let down! There designers have really come out with some epic designs. 🙂

In this post I am showing you what Sakide, CPD, ISD, Star Quality and Rook created just for Futurewave. This is just my first post of many so stay tuned and make sure you stop by Futurewave to check out all the great designs!

The Future is Now!


Skin: [Plastik]-Bael-Elven-Jett-Stain

Shape: My Own

Hair: (*) @->~ISD An Alien Cure Hair w/White Headpiece *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Stacey Farspire ❤

Chest Implant: (*) :*:CPD:*: Nemesis *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Lilah Munster ❤

Arms: (*) Star Quality Android Arms *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Aryn Gellner ❤

Dress: (*) [ SAKIDE ] Leyana Dress Black *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Kinu Mayako ❤

Pants: [ SAKIDE ] Flirty Leather Leggings

Boots: (*) [ SAKIDE ] Takea Boots Black *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Kinu Mayako ❤

Poses: (*) {Rook} Galaxian *NEW* (@ Futurewave)
Thank you Nadia Voljeti ❤

The Future is Now!


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