Relay For Life, SL Shopping Event

Why I relay

Why I Relay

Its been 4 years since I lost my father to cancer and the loss has not gotten any easier. Especially when I see so many other family and friends going through the fight or losing someone they love. The number of people that are battling cancer seems to increase every year and we all know at least one person fighting cancer.

There needs to be a cure NOW! Not in five years, three years or even three months! NOW! That is why I relay and will relay til a cure is found.


Imagine there’s no cancer,
It’s easy if you try,
No pain or suffering,
Or waiting just to die.

Imagine all the people,
Living worry free,
Without that ticking time bomb,
That no one else can see.

You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one,
That hopes the world will be cancer-free,
So we can live as one.



Photo Taken by Catalina Staheli

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