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Extravadanza presents Imagine!

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!


Let us take you on a magic ride around our Fairytale land to see all your favorite storybook heroes come to life!

Imagine! is a dance spectacular spanning an entire region, brought to you by Extravadanza, in collaboration with Elysium and The Night Theater… the teams behind the SuperMetropolis and Christmas Extravadanza shows on LEA and the Fantasme show from the Fantasy Faire.

Come, immerse yourself and let us entertain you in this land of magic and wonder.  Stay after the show and explore this enchanting sim!

July 3rd at 9pm SLT
July 4th and 5th at 12noon SLT
July 10th at 9pm SLT
July 11th and 12th at 12noon SLT

IMAGINE!  Where fairy tales come to life!

TP to Extradanza’s Imagine!

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

Yesterday I received a blind TP from Duchess Flux, I hate blind tps and ordinarily I close them and move on to what I was doing but Duchess never sends them out unless its for something fun so I figured why not.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

When I arrived to the sim I was immediately greeted by a dancing Jiminy Cricket and there was a floating carpet with seating. I was told to grab a seat and they would begin shortly. I was looking all around wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into but then I noticed a sign and it said “Where Fairy Tales Come to Life”. I immediately settled in and waited.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!
After a little while Jiminy Cricket welcomed us and started the engine of the flying carpet and boy did it fly! Over hills, around corners and even underwater!

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

We arrived at our first destination and it was The Little Mermaid!! OMG!! I LOVE DISNEY is all I thought. lol Yes the kid in me came out as the flying carpet dove underwater and we watched Ariel dance under the sea and sing.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

Then the magic carpet continued on to set after set where there was singing and dancing from all my Disney favorites. The Lost Boys danced all over the deck of their ship, Elsa came down and performed Let it Go, Sleeping Beauty danced with Prince Charming and even Tinkerbell sang a song.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

It was probably the most fun on a Sunday afternoon I have had in a long time. I sang along to all the songs and just looked around in marvel that this really was in SL.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

I felt like I was in Disney World going to different shows.


 Extravadanza presents Imagine!The sets are incredible and you could tell that alot of time went into each set and costume.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!I took some pictures of some of the sets but honestly you really really need to go check out the sim and catch the performances.

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!Take your kids, your friends, whoever! Just go because I promise you will enjoy this very much!

 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

If you don’t want to see a show stop by and explore the sim!


 Extravadanza presents Imagine!

Jiminy Cricket and all his friends are waiting for you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Extravadanza presents Imagine!

  1. I am so happy you came! I saw that you were online and I knew you would love it. I saw their Christmas show and it too was amazing…. but I had no idea what we were in store for….. and that carpet ride!!! Whoa Nelly! It was too cool 🙂

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