Second Life

Parkavenue Clarıty / Worldestates Resıdent Copy Gacha Stuff and Sell ın Marketplace! Now ınworld!

Buyer Beware!!


Edit: After hearing some conversations I need to say this is not COPYBOT! Copybot allows copying meshes by paying lindens and the creator name and date is changing. Even the contents, textures and SCRIPTS are duplicating! I am not sure about UUIDs. I won’t want all hear how this can be possible, so I don’t say anything about it. Tip is, owner of the box make land work. Great idea. They use a SL bug.

Edit2: What P says? I am not him? Yes, she is not even herself! She is an alt, too.

After selling 8f8 sets for 1750 in MP even during Arcade June days, Parkavenue got many enemies, impossible prices are ongoing because she has “UNLIMITED” items. How unlimited gacha items are possible, aren’t they only transfer NO COPY?

Firstly I’d like to give you some maths. 8f8 Green Grocers set have 42 items inside. 50L pull…

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