Second Life

Jackpot Gacha (16th September 2015 – 25th September 2015)

30L Events in Second Life

++TP to Jackpot Gacha!++

++Opens 12pm SLT, 16th Sept++

How it works

  • How Jackpot Gacha works: play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one!
  • How normal gacha works: play one time, get one prize.
  • The utimate prize to win is The Jackpot!

What is The Jackpot Prize?

  • There will only be ONE Jackpot Winner.
  • The Jackpot Prize is 50 FREE PULL of ANY machine in the event.
  • YES. FREE!
  • The Gacha Machines will go into Jackpot Mode on the 26th September – during this time, only the Jackpot Winner the machines are only playable by the Jackpot Winner.
  • All machines will shut down on the 27th, midnight.

Equinox Hunt

Check out the balloons…some contains prizes! 😀

Prizes Preview

_{Junbug}_ Boho Gown GachaFaida - Eliauna - goath set pic__Axix__ Zoniah gatcha fullMay's Soul - ignea armorLUAS VERINA GACHA LONGOXI Mirage Set Gacha KeyMirage Gacha Set//
NeverWish - Thumbelina Corset ADDichotomy__ Chaos Hair AD1Dichotomy__ Chaos Hair AD2Adam n Eve - Brising Gacha AD[~Sahara'S~] Melinda Brave Poster GachaIn My Cloud - Ashe GachaKei's DIY Oz Gacha Key

  • [V_W] AD - Jackpot Gacha - COMMONS[V_W] AD - Jackpot Gacha - MAN RARES[V_W] AD - Jackpot Gacha - WOMAN RARES[Mistique] Split Skirt GachaAD_Come Soon_ GACHA - HORROR CAMP (JACKPOT)_IO_ Arabian Nights Gacha_Les Encantades_ Mrs. Lovett Gacha key
    BELLE EPOQUE - The Enchanted Princess
    Bushu - Sylfae Heels
  • FLECHA Katerina Gacha
    Firefly Jackpot Gacha Common Deals
    Firefly Jackpot Gacha DealsGACHA PIC Sleeping Beauty _BrokenStyle_

    Kitty CreationsLacrime dell'anima - Tranquil Chair Set - RARELacrime dell'anima - Tranquil Collection - Brown ADLacrime dell'anima - Tranquil Collection - COMMONLacrime dell'anima - Tranquil Couch - ULTRARARE

    P.A Designe - Painful-Expierience
    Tasty Pudding - Bida Main BoardTiar - JP Gacha
    • Sweet Kajira Gacha Mei 3iSweet Kajira Gacha Mei promoSweet Kajira Gacha Mei{Acios} Once upon a time Gacha AD[M] Gacha Corset Ultra rare[M] Gacha Long skirt rare[M] Gacha Split Skirt CommonAD_Mederia_ Locket Gatcha
      United InshCon - Animal Band Gacha all

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