La Boheme is CRAZY this month!

 La Boheme 2015 Christmas Nail Collection Giveaway

How would you like to win 457 nail appliers?  La Boheme has a special 2015 nail set out for this month and when purchasing it for only $10, your name gets added to the pool of potential winners for a December 25th drawing to see who gets a fantastic holiday gift of La Boheme’s *entire* OMNI nail applier collection.  That’s right, 457 sets which are Slink, Omega and Maitreya compatible for one lucky winner.  Now that’s a Christmas present! You may tempt fate and enter as many times as you wish! See the big billboard to the right of the front counter and the “raffle board” with it to get the Christmas Stars nail set!

 LB Christmas Star OMNI Set - Slink Omega Maitreya

The 2015 nail set for $10


Red bow line

 La Boheme 2015 Holiday Gift Week 1

Red bow line

 La Boheme 2015 Holiday Gift Week 2

Red bow line

 La Boheme 2015 Holiday Gift Week 3

Red bow line

 La Boheme 2015 Holiday Gift Week 4

La Boheme’s December weekly giveaway!  They begun a tradition and are keeping with it: For every week of December there will be a new gift under the store’s Christmas tree to pounce on.  If you miss a week, you will need to purchase them from the store – but that’s ok because all of La Boheme’s holiday themed nail sets (35 of them!) are on sale for all of December at 50% off ($25 each at the giant display, not in vendors).

Aside from all the free loot already mentioned, this month La Boheme has a number of goodies to be had by other means.  Every Thursday four items are placed in the Fifty5 Thursday section for a mere $55 (cosmetics, face paints or double sets of nails). Above that is the bi-monthly discount area where they set out eight OMNI nail applier sets which can be snagged for $10 each.  For December, members of the free group ! Maitreya Maniacs ! can come loot a freebie from La Boheme – I will have the group joiner next to it so anyone can scoop the gift up (you don’t have to remain in the group). There’s even more freebies and dollarbies to be had through store hunts, please see the event wall where the owls will give you hunt hints. Like every year before, we will wrap December up with a huge store-wide sale! Stay tuned, they will announce more about that before Christmas. =)

Stop by La Boheme and grab those free gifts and fantastic deals!
TP to La Boheme

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