Windlight Winter Art Show

Hi everyone 🙂

On Thursday I showed you a couple of pieces from the Windlight Winter Art Show so today I wanted to show you what else I picked up while I was there.

Windlight Winter Art ShowFrom left to right

Guiding Me Home by Ever After
Winter Dream by Richie Narstrom
Solitude by Richie Narstrom

The Light at the End ot the Path by Ever After

You can see more of Ever After’s work on her flickr.


I love art but to me my favorite art has to move me in some way. It can be a painting, photograph, sculpture, basically anything but it has to stir some kind of emotion in me.

Windlight Winter Art Show

From left to right

Waiting for the call by Richie Narstrom
Save Me by Ever After


Needless to say when I go shopping for artwork in SL and RL it takes a while. lol Luckily in SL if you have doubts and you go home then it hits you how much you like something you can TP back in seconds and get it. RL not so much. lol

Windlight Winter Art Show
Companions by Ilyra chardin
You can see more of Ilyra’s work at her gallery or on her flickr


When you find that perfect piece of artwork you will treasure it for the rest of you life. It will be there for you to enjoy on your good days and hopefully brighten your bad days. Even in SL!

There is several amazing artists participating in the Windlight Winter Art Show that you should check out. You might find that perfect piece for your home.  I did 🙂

TP to the Windlight Winter Art Show

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