Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire

Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire

Hello Everyone 🙂

Fantasy Faire closes tomorrow and so far they have raised 5,105,493 but there is still lots going on today and plenty of time to stop by and add to that total.

In this post I wanted to show you Fallen Gods Eternal Petite. This tiny avatar comes with the shape, 3 skin styles (gold draco, gold and the Fantasy Faire exclusive goldfish), 2 makeups for each skin style, hoove cut, 3 hand poses, 2 head type (elven, human and ears options), a mesh outfit and accessories, hair in 3 different colors, eyes and hud with options for full bright, skin tinting, glow, metal and 3 face expressions. There is also a male version available.

The Eternal Petite is very cute and if you ever wanted a petite avatar this would be the perfect one to get.

Fallen Gods is located on The Golden Delta sim at Fantasy Faire


Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire

Fallen Gods Inc. (Alia Baroque) Eternal PETITES Female (@ Fantasy Faire) MFGC
Thank you Alia Baroque ❤ ❤ ❤

Fallen Gods @ Fantasy Faire


Fashiowl (o0evaluna0o) Ballet6 and Fashiowl (o0evaluna0o) Ballet1


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