Christmas in Gotham

Christmas in Gotham

No blog posts from me today because I am partying at my club. We decided to do something different to celebrate Christmas so we went to Gotham City and will be partying with superheroes and villains today. If your looking for something to do stop by and enjoy great tunes, fun times and fantastic people.

Hope to see you here. ♥

oh yea it’s also my RL birthday today so I am celebrating that too. 🙂


Are y’all ready to have a Christmas party today, Christmas in Gotham is ready to rock you all with prizes lotsa fun and best of all great tunes, stop in and show off your best hero or villain look.

10 AM
The party starts right now with the smooth sound that DJ Grim brings us every Saturday morning with host Losty brewing some special coffee for today.

12 PM
DJ Gonzo and host Cat decided why not have a bad Santa costume party in Gotham too, so bring your bad Santa look and they will judge you if you are the badest, naughty or nice your choice.

2 PM
DJ Easy up next to rock the party and what hero or villain will he be? Come in and check it out, host Saucy will make sure y’all are having a great time and you never know what prize you will end up with.

4 PM
DJ Sound with host Lianne are ready to see the best villain and hero costumes at their set, they too will give away a price, it is a Christmas party and there must be prezzies.

6 PM
DJ Pat will be spinning his best tunes for you with host Cormi and the party is in full swing cape’s are coming off and batman is stripping?

8 PM
DJ Darling Niki and host Losty are ready to rock you more with great tunes hope you are ready to shake your booty and show off some moves, heroes and villains dance too.

Hope y’all can stop in and join us for some fun and good music to celebrate the holidays with us at SOR and thank you all for another great year of continued fun times at Sanctuary of Rock!

” Subject to change RL happens”

TP to Sanctuary of Rock or Tune in!

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