Fantasy Faire is here!!!

Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Fairelands Junction
Sponsored by Ruins of Xenark RP Community
Designed by Saiyge Lotus
TP to Fairelands Junction

I have covered alot of events and I can say without a doubt that Fantasy Faire is very special to ALOT of people. I think what makes Fantasy Faire so special is the close-knit relationship of everyone involved from the event planners, managers, store owners, bloggers, DJs and of course all of, also it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. As soon as January hits the IMs start in the group asking if it’s April yet then everyone starts talking about getting started working on their designs, joking around and the excitement just builds until the sim assignments. Then the real work of getting everything set up begins and goes on until the night. While most of us slept last night the sim designers and creators were putting the finishing touches on everything so they were all ready to go for today.


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project
Designed by by Beq Janus & Polysail
TP to Anansi

Fantasy Faire is OPEN! \o/

There is so much creativity that goes into the sim designs and every year I am blown away, this year is no exception. I snapped some photos last night but they do not do the designs justice so please take some time to check the sims out, do some shopping, dance, attend a performance or watch a group role play. You can check out Fantasy Faire’s calendar of events to see what is going on each day.

I will be showing you lots of previews during Fantasy Faire so stay tuned and hope to see you at the Faire. ❤


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!

Chaddul Ro
Sponsored by The Roawenwood
Designed by Searlait Nitschke
TP to Chaddul Ro


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Dawn’s Promise
Sponsored by The Looking Glass
Designed by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee
TP to Dawn’s Promise


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Sponsored by The Epic Toy Factory
Designed by by Mayah Parx
TP to Egregore


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Fallen Sands
Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams
Designed by Sweetgwendoline Bailey & Eldowyn Inshan
TP to Fallen Sands


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
The Hill
Sponsored by Titans & Solarium
Designed by Kilik Lekvoda
TP to The Hill


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Sponsored by Dandelion Daydreams Factory
Designed by Alrunia Ahn & Luna Barak
TP to Mudrana


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
Raven’s Perch
Sponsored by Rivendale
Designed by Kaelis Ember & lrriven
TP to Raven’s Perch


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
The Rose
Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.
Designed by Alia Baroque
TP to The Rose


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
San Mora
Sponsored by Death Row Designs
Designed by Jaimy Hancroft, Eowyn Swords & Morbid Deceit
TP to San Mora


Fantasy Faire 2017 is here!
The Spirit Pool
Sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery
Designed by Kayle Matzerath
TP to The Spirit Pool

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