The Plastik’s Unicorn Kinn Gacha Coming to Lootbox!

The Plastik's Unicorn Kinn Gacha Coming to Lootbox!

Hello Everyone,

Who’s ready for Lootbox? I know I am and it looks like another round I will go broke at. lol Still have that love/hate relationship with the gachas but I always enjoy seeing what the designers come up with and most never disappoint. Lootbox opens tonight at 10pm slt.

The Plastik is participating in this round with their Unicorn Kinn Gacha and it is packed with so many fantastic pieces! I couldn’t even come close to showing you everything because there is so much but I am going to include the gacha key and a complete list of what you can win. I don’t have the landmark yet but if you check Seraphim they should have it at some point tonight.

Get your TP huds ready, good luck and enjoy another round of gacha goodness. ❤



Lootbox One:
Horned Circlet
Bikini for HG/Mait
Unicorn Ears

Lootbox Two:
Darkin Skin w/Appliers (unisex)
Kinn Unicorn Tail
Kinn Chestpiece

Body Sparkles W/Animated Rainbow
Palekin Rainbow Fade Omega Appliers
Palekin Skin [Secret]

Kinn Anklets
Kinn Armlets
Kinn Bracelets
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Bladed
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Dae
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Carousel
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Ramm
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Spear
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Twiste
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Wave
Kinn Bare Horn w/HUD – Whimsy
Kinn Bindi
Kinn Circlet
Kinn Earrings
Kinn Eyes W/Appliers – Grass
Kinn Eyes W/Appliers – Lake
Kinn Eyes W/Appliers – Purple
Kinn Eyes W/Appliers – Slate
Kinn Eyes W/Appliers – Void
Kinn Face Sparkles
Kinn Flower Clip
Kinn Flower Crown
Kinn Halo
Kinn Horn Fade HUD Addon
Kinn Necklaces
Kinn Darkin Omega Fades [unisex]


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