We Love Role Play Birthday Photo Contest

Birthday Contest Prizes:

1st Place Winner: 
25,000L and early access for the rest of 2019

2nd Place Winner: 
15,000L an dearly access for the rest of 2019

3rd Place Winner:  
10,000L and early access for the rest of 2019

Birthday Contest Rules:

1.  Let your creativity shine! However, please avoid anything adult in nature. Some nudity is fine, but no sexual stuff.

2.  Must use ONE item from the birthday round (MAY 2019) of We ❤ Roleplay.  It can be anything from there, but, it MUST be credited in the description.
Photos with no credits listed will be disqualified!

3.  Tag the photo with WLRPBDAY2019

4.  Title the photo WLRP BDAY 2019 PHOTO CONTEST – SL NAME (Usernames only, no display names please).

5. Submit your entry into our Flickr Group:

To be considered, photos must be completely submitted by May 29, 2019 at midnight slt.
​Winners will be announced on June 4th.  

***Any person/brand currently associated with WLRP is not eligible.  This includes bloggers and designers.

Good Luck!  We can’t wait to see all of the amazing photos!

~ Repost from We Love Role Play’s Website

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