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Support Groups

I have been a member of SL Blogger Support for a couple of years now and it is a fantastic group. The members are knowledgeable and always help each other out with questions about sims to take pics, where to find something and anything else blogging related. There is great conversation and lots of laughs but no sharing of blog posts.

The SL Support Website is a great source of information as well as a section with creators and events looking for bloggers.

If your serious about blogging this is one group you need to be part of. You can learn more at the SL Blogger Support website. They also have a Flickr group you can share your photos to and a Facebook page that keeps you up to date on any new blog posts.



The mission at Blogger & Vlogger Network is to improve the accessibility to helpful information and to provide a platform for unrivaled networking and mutual support with a strong focus on improving the impact of Second Life blogs and vlogs.  Visit our website to learn more.



The Blogger Hub is a new group and in no way wants to replace or take away from SL Blogger support. It is a group to share your blog links and show off photos in chat! Designers and event coordinators can advertise for bloggers and announce event openings.

There is also plans to have guest bloggers talk and give lessons. The first one is September 9th with Wendz Tempest on setting up scenes and using props. This should be a fantastic talk and I am definitely looking forward to it. Wendz creates some amazing scenes!

You can join the blogger hub here and there is also a Flickr that you can share your photos to.