Sanctuary of Rock DJ Battle Tomorrow

SOR DJ Battle 2/10/18

Hearts vs. Blackhearts
12pm slt – 4pmish


Get ready to rumble we have 4 DJ’s that will duke it out for Valentines day, in one corner we have the HEARTS and in the other corner we will have the BLACK HEARTS. Come and join us for fun and good music and see who will win this epic battle. Will love win this battle or will anti love take the crown?

Join in the epic battle tomorrow starting at 12pm slt.

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Sanctuary of Rock Holiday Event Tonight 6pm

SOR Holiday Event 6pm tonight

Twas a week before Christmas
and all through the Club
The tunes were a rocking
and there was so much love
Butthead was ripped from bottom to top and Ani was afraid, she’d have to follow with a mop…

Come join them for SoR’s annual Christmas Party!

Wear your best ball attire and come dazzle us.