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A Little About Me and My Blog

First let me say I am not a writer but I do write. I make typos galore, I use and abuse punctuation, I overuse some words way too much (awesome just tells everyone something is really really good! what other word does that?) and my sentence structure at times is um well BAD. I am a mix blogger..Sometimes I write and sometimes I just use a quote that either applies to things going on in the world or a quote that just sounds good. My quotes are never directed at anyone. I just like quotes. 🙂

My blog is a representation of my style and the fashion, music and places I like in SL. I do not jump on every trend that pops up or declare it the next best thing. Everyone has their own taste and style and my blog represents those who don’t want to be the cookie cutter barbie doll. You will not find cupcakes, unicorns or pastel houses here. What you hopefully will find is designers you may not know or ideas for your own look.

Most of my looks will be RP/Fantasy/Mystical inspired but I love to blog events so I may stray a bit from my main looks while bringing you the creations being offered during any events I cover.

My blog is also my way of saying thank you to all the great designers for their hard work and for keeping all of us looking good.

I hope you enjoy what I bring you. ◕ ‿ ◕

My Review Policy

If you like my work and would like me to blog your designs, feel free to contact me in-world or just send me a NC. Also please include a LM of the store and any other information you consider important. If I blog your items I may or may not do a write up about them but I will always do my best to take pics that will showcase what I am blogging.

Store name and slurl or marketplace link will be listed to the best of my abilities. I will look at your profile, SL search and marketplace search for a link but if I can not find it then it will be hard to link it.

Anything pink, cupcakes or unicorns probably does not have a place on my blog.  If you have a chance please look at my posts because it will give you a idea of what sort of item’s I’d love to blog.

Please understand if I don’t post something, it is nothing against you or your store, it’s just a matter of my style and look.

If you have any questions or need to know anything else please feel free to contact me.

Thank you! 🙂
Lainey Thorne

7 thoughts on “Me & My Blog

  1. i love your blog and that you tell everything you put on to acheive your look it is very helpful when wanted to create the same look but your shape the thing is i dont care how you changed your shape becuz that is your custom shape but you did start with some shape that does make the avi. every skin ppl tell you the shape makes the outlook also. So for you and others to not tell the beginnings of the shape doesnt help us to come to the same look.you can change the hips and arms and whatever but the face it the beginning shape. So plz tell the shape also. thanks for listening.


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