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Lady of the Dead

Lady of the Dead

Hello Everyone,

I am putting my Day of the Dead outfit together a bit early this year thanks to some fantastic new releases this month.

Let me start with the stunning Dead Lace outfit created by Isis Secretspy, the creative talent & owner of the irrISIStible Shop, for Inspiration. The outfit comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink appliers for the bodysuit, garter and gloves, unrigged boots that will fit any body you have, XS, S, M, L & XL fitmesh & regular jacket, roses prim belt, prim spin chains, shoulder guards, head piece, skirt, hair and texture hud for the skulls and hair. The theme for Inspiration is Cher but this outfit can be used for so many different looks. All of their creations are always so original so if you ever looking for something for a holiday and just to dress up make sure you stop by their main location and check out all their creations.

Pimp My Sh!t released the perfect collection of 6 different sugar skull tattoos for Bodyfy. The set comes with system tattoos and a all in one hud that works with Catwa, Lelutka and Omega heads. The face paint does not include lipstick but you can easily use one from your favorite designer.

The background I am using is from a the very talent Anna Margeaux, the owner of D.U.S.T. and I ran across her forgotten door photobox at Le Six and it is epic!! I stopped by her store to see what other releases she has and I wanted to buy it out. She has several other awesome photoboxes you should check out.

Now for all the details of everything and where you can find them. 🙂


Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya

Face Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t (sandowl violet) Halloween Sugar Skull Tattoo [link (@ Bodyfy)

Lipstick: Bloom (valentina secretspy) Toxic Blood Lips Catwa [Black]

Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body, Bento hands & Feet – Lara

Eyes: Cheeky (pistyle primswitch) My Mystic Eyes!! CATWA Applier HUD


Outfit: irrISIStible Shop (Isis SecretSpy) Dead Lace Outfit + Hair + 4 textures hud [link (@ Inspiration)
The outfit comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink appliers for the bodysuit, garter and gloves, unrigged boots that will fit any body you have, XS, S, M, L & XL fitmesh & regular jacket, roses prim belt, prim spin chains, shoulder guards, head piece, skirt, hair and texture hud for the skulls and hair.


Necklace & Earrings: Glitzz (lissa bohm)Sugar Skull Set


Horse: deviousMind (Chandra Meehan) LaCatrina – SugarSkull Horse **RARE** (old gacha)

Backdrop: D.U.S.T. (annamargeaux) forgotten door- [Mystical] photobox [link]  (@ Le Six)

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New Release from irrISIStible shop

New Release from irrISIStible shop

“Let Christmas not become a thing
Merely of merchant’s trafficking,
Of tinsel, bell and holly wreath
And surface pleasure, but beneath
The childish glamour, let us find
Nourishment for soul and mind.
Let us follow kinder ways
Through our teeming human maze,
And help the age of peace to come
From a Dreamer’s martyrdom.”
~ Madeline Morse



Mesh Head: LeLutka (jadenart) Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3

Head Applier: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Madpea Skin [Basic]:FEMALE Yule 2016 (Madpea Advent Calendar Gift)


Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

New Release from irrISIStible shop


Nail Applier: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Nailpolish:// Merry (@ The Liaison Collaborative)


Tattoo: Taox Tattoo (0claudia0 novaland) Appliers Only Ho Ho My Deer VG (Women Only Hunt)

Hair: Truth Hair (Truth Hawks) Carmela

Eyes: Avi-Glam (Kendra Partfort) Serene Eyes – Ivy

Ears: Mandala (kikunosuke eel) Steking EarsSeason 5

Distorted Christmas
Includes Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink huds for stockings and gloves, system stockings and gloves, boots, fitted dress for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & system bodies, bolero, hat & head and pelvis decorative attachments.


Glasses: Moda (eonla) Christmas Glasses

Bracelets: deviousMind (Chandra Meehan) Noelle – jingleBells bracelet

Rings: Yummy (Polyester Partridge) Kitschy Holiday Ring – Snowflake (old gacha)

Leg Band: Dirtyland (Selene Edwyn) Candy Cane Legband

Poses: Eternal Dream (Sweet Vendetta) Free Spirits 09 & Infiniti (Brandi Monroe) Don’t Tell – 2

Animation: Akeyo (artoo Magneto) ST_Lady04

Tree: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) ChristmasElf – Christmas Tree RARE (@ Shiny Shabby)

Chair: dust bunny (lxlnoel) my plaid chair

Elves: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) ChristmasElf – Pixie, Frost, Cookie & Candy (@ Shiny Shabby)

Dogs: Mutresse (Eeky Cioc) Lazy-Dalmatian Puppies  (@ The Arcade) & O.M.E.N (damascusvera) Waiting for Santa Paws – Santa’s Helper (old gacha)

Presents: dust bunny (lxlnoel) present pile

Bear: BoOgErS (Zen Zarco) Slertherrern Berr (@ The Arcade)

Trolley: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) ChristmasElf – Trolley RARE (@ Shiny Shabby)

Skybox: Sari-Sari (AbbyAnne) My Winter Attic

Photo Taken at Serenity

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Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos

For death,
Now I know, is that first breath
Which our souls draw when we enter
Life, which is of all life center.
~ Edwin Arnold


Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body– Lara

Hands: Slink (Siddean Munro) Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 – Elegant

Tattoo: Identity Body Shop (Melissa Hindrabar) Body Shop – Santa Pasaje

Eyes: S0NG (Funeral Plutonian) Valo~ Ocean Eye

Dia De Los Muertos

Outfit: irrISIStible (Isis Secretspy) Dia De Los Muertos Outfit with skin and appliers
Includes mesh collar (S – 3x), Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink sock appliers, mesh top (XS – XL, fitmesh, Belleza, Maitreya & Slink), Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Omega skin applier, bangles, boots, hair, necklace, headdress, system skin, skirt, system socks & spine flowers.

Veil: deviousMind (Chandra Meehan) LaCatrina – RuffleVeil **BLACK WEDDING** Rare (old gacha)

Necklace: LanTN (wyvern dryke) Necklace-Dia De Los Muertos

Pose: Del May (Del May) Bystander

Dia De Los Muertos

Heart (Lilith Heart) Witch Forest Skulls

Heart (Lilith Heart) Mesh Plant Base

Heart (Lilith Heart) Giant Black Oak

Heart (Lilith Heart) BLACK OAK – Wild Tall

All things Snuggles (Teagan Parnas) Red roses skull floral arrangment Halloween Decor

Gracefully Wicked (infernoschill) Rustic Bedroom Set – Candle Cluster

sYs (Syane Cisse) MUERTE doll4 (old gacha)

sYs (Syane Cisse) MUERTE doll1 (old gacha)

sYs (Syane Cisse) MUERTE doll3 (old gacha)

Birdy (Nina Helix) Altar set – Candle Cluster – Black (old gacha)

Birdy (Nina Helix) Altar set – Candle Cluster – Red (old gacha)

Bargain Bazaar (Shuantell Mocha) Sugar Skull Candy Pail

Lilith’s Den (Alrunia Ahn) Dia De Los Muertos Skull B

Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) ‘Till death do us part (@ Salem)

Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) Old Coffin (@ Salem)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] (Paco Pooley) Gothic Mausoleum (@ We ❤ Role Play)

Photo Taken at Serenity

Awesome Sims

American Made

American Made

“Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the
sacrifice of our nation’s founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America’s
storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation.”
~ Joe Barton





Mesh Head: LeLutka (jadenart) Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3

Head Applier: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) ( Lelutka Heads ) Karin Applier [ America ]

Eye Shadow Applier: Deesses Boutique (nataliewells) LeLutka – Fleek eyeshadow set

Lipstick Applier: Shake (elphame raynier) Retro Red Lips

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Nail Applier: Dark Passions (Bcreative Wilde) Koffin Nails – FatPack – True Patriot (Buy Now July)
Thank you Bcreative Wilde ❤

Koffin Nails - Fatpack - True Patriot

Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic) Miss Mabel V2

Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid) Marble – Electric


Outfit: deviousMind (Chandra Meehan) “Dolly Darlin'” **JULY4TH** (Group Gift)

Shoes: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Evie Heels

American Made


Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Jewellery (Maxi Gossamer) Earrings – Sophia Faceted Jewels

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Jewellery (Maxi Gossamer) Necklace – Sophia Faceted Jewelled Collar

Pose: *Magnifique Poses (Scarlet Chandrayaan) Patriotic (Model Poses)

Photo Taken at USS Reprisal

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Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission
of feeling the artist has experienced.”

~ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy




Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body – Lara

Skin: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko)  Larradite Skin:// Avricuza Femme
(We ❤ Role Play Exclusive)
Thank you Aikera Rieko ❤
 Plastik Larradite WLRP Main- Avricuza Female
Shape: My Own

Hands: Slink (Siddean Munro) AvEnhance Hands Female

Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro) AvEnhance Feet

Hair: Spellbound (Kohana Xue) Sirena

Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid) Phantom Eyes – Snow


Eyeliner: MONS (Ekilem) Makeups – black eyeliner series-2

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri (Freya Olivieri) “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Blue Orchid

Dress: deviousMind (Chandra Meehan) “Ianna” **PEARL** (BOX #26) – RARE (old gacha)


Crown: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Shynila Crown RARE (old gacha)

Circlet: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Didi Circlet

Necklace: Empyrean Forge (EmpyreanForge) Aglaea’s Splendor new (@ Shiny Shabby)

Pose: an lar [poses] (Katya Valeska) The All That Series – One new
Thank you Katya Valeska ❤


Skybox: Anara (Anara Aeon) Snowy Forest Skydome **ON SALE**
Trees included along with a few other items that are not seen in my photo.

Horse: United InshCon (Eldowyn Inshan) Standing Horse (part of the Horse Herd Pack)

Pig: anc (aki69) MoonLightLounge. sleeping big pig RARE new (@ The Arcade Gacha)

Dogs: anc (aki69) flottante puppy

Grass: Happy Mood (Sasaya Kayo)  Sweet Garden Grass02

Snow: Xavier Novelli’s (Xavier Novelli) Best Weather System

Photo Taken at a private place

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Adoness @ The Thrift Shop

Adoness @ The Thrift Shop

“I had chosen the path of the black sheep
rather than that of the unicorns and puppies.”

~ Magenta Periwinkle, Cutting Class



Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body– Lara

Skin: Essences (Inka Mexicola) [Alice OMGacha05] medium01 *brunette*

Shape: My Own

Hair: little bones (Nova Faerye) Lovestruck

Eyes: IKON (Ikon Innovia) Hope Eyes – Industrial


Eyeliner: DAMNED (DAMNEDBodyShop) Tribal Make up

Lipstick: Pin Me Down (Shyntae Demonista) – Dark kiss 6


Bolero: Faida (Titania Falasy) & Fallen Gods Inc. (Alia Baroaque) ~ Ravel, Blacks

Dress: adoness: (Cruella Pennell) chloris new_icon (50% off @ The Thrift Shop)
Thank you Cruella Pennell ❤

 adoness chloris

Hat: deviousMind (Chandrea Meehan) VictorianGothic “RoseHat” (BOX #16) (old Gacha)

Necklace: Modern Couture (Donatela Couturier) Jewelry – Jade

Pose: Bauhaus Movement (loulou Teichmann) – Tamane

Photo Taken at No Salvation Gothic Cathedral

Second Life

Rain on Me

 Rain on Me

I’m Back!! I am officially back and will be back to blogging all the wonderful creations I can get my hands on. \o/

Today is the last day of the World Goth Fair so I wanted to do at least one post but please if you like gothic styles stop by this event TODAY before it closes. You will not be disappointed.

TP to the World Goth Fair





Mesh Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body

Skin: ** [PUMEC]  – .:ALENA:. – SKIN

Shape: My Own

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female– Relaxed

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Hair: Suicide Gurls – Stanza Hair

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Mesa


Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Drama Black – Black/Red & :[P]:-Fauxe Makeup:// Victorian Ember

Eyeliner: MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-9

Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Lipstick: .Pekka. Dark Makeup – Lips

 Rain on Me


Dress: (*) .::DD::.Nyx  V2 new_icon (@ World Goth Fair)

Stockings: ~Cannibelle~ Corseted Suspender Belt Stockings

Boots: Reign.– MaryJanes


Parasol: (*) .::DD::.Emily Parasol V4 new_icon (@ World Goth Fair)
Thank you Epic Maidstone ❤

Crown: !dM VictorianGothic “Amulet Crown” (BOX #9) new_icon (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Necklace: !dM VictorianGothic “Royal Jewelry Set” (BOX #10) new_icon (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Poses: ILAYA Nymphe Umbrella Poses


Cemetary: (*)  ~*GOD*~ Dream Scene – The Cemetery- Permanent Skybox – Mod
Thank you Kayle Matzerath

Rain: Dwelling Quay’s BEST WEATHER rezzer system