Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

“Waking up early, connecting with nature, and having my
quiet time are priorities to me, and they are non-negotiable.”

~ Danette May

Best way to start the day!



mushilu (Eifee) Ancient Ruins
Comes with ruin walls & ivy (shown) and ruin circle & tree (not shown)

Myth (Shay McAuley) Greek Planter

 @ Midsummer Enchantment

LORE (lalitalamour) Witchy Online Indicator, Twiggy Triquetra and Rustic Wiccan Rede [link]

HILTED (childofpreservex) Rattus Familiar -Sword Brown [link]

Raindale (Keiralans) Meadowtwirl swing [link]

Today is the last day for Redeux and Midsummer Enchantment will close the 30th.

Last Few Hours of Redeux

Hi everyone,

You only have a few hours left to take advantage of all the fantastic deals at Redeux. There is tons of savings on fashion but there is also a great offering for your home and garden so I wanted to get a quick post in to show you some of what you can pick up before this round ends. 🙂

Happy Shopping ❤

Last Few Hours of Redeux

@ Redeux

Libertine (Alia Baroque) Antigone et Polynice, Sevres Vase

Myth (Shay McAuley) Lovers Cushion Y&M, Spring Chandelier and Spring Umbrella

Painfully Divine (Nahtasha Uriza) Spank You Bench 1
Packed full of sits, cuddles, spankings and sex animations.

@ Mainstores

Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns) Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket

Bueno (Mikel Monk) Night Table-Garrett (old gacha)

Last Few Hours of Redeux

@ Redeux

Kei’s (Keiko Zoon) Repurposed Table

Unrepentant (Jalynne Ohmai) Light Up My Life

@ Mainstores

Death Row Designs (Jaimy hancroft) Vagabond – Green Stool c/m (old gacha)

8f8 (8f8) Storyteller’s Burrow – Whisky Set (old gacha)

Consignment (Valiantco Resident) The Vintage Bar – Cocktail shaker (old gacha)

MLE (marybelle lavendel) Bottle Crown Royal Whiskey and MLE Bottle Smirnoff Vodka dispenser 3.1

Banjo Bailey (banjo baily) Jameson Irish Whiskey 2

Last Few Hours of Redeux

@ Redeux

Myth (Shay McAuley) Bird Arbor


Funky Junk (Ulaa Coronet) Willa Gazebo

Last Few Hours of Redeux

@ Redeux

Simply Shelby (shelby olivier) Garden Wall Bench

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