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“Concentration, in its truest, unadulterated form, means
the ability to focus the mind on one single solitary thing.” 

~ Komar 

Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya

Head Applier: DeeTaleZ (steffi villota) *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Michelle” Eastern

Eye Shadow Applier: Izzie’s  (Izzie Button) Catwa – Applier Gloom Eyeshadows

Lipstick Applier: Nox (anya mcconach) Liquid Lip [CatWa Applier HUD]

Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body, Bento hands & Feet – Lara

Body Applier: DeeTaleZ (steffi villota)  *Appliers* A.T.W. SKINS – Maitreya Mesh Body


Nail Applier: Dark Passions (Bcreative Wilde) Koffin Nails – Frostbitten [link] (75L @ Genre)
Maitreya, Omega & Slink appliers…Today is the last day to get Frostbitten for 50% off!

Hair: Boys to the Bone (jacquesvalentine) sasha gacha – hair & shapka hat RARE (November 2017 Pocket Gacha)

Eyes: Suicidal Unborn (Eleanor Cyberstar) Ophelia Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/ [link] (@ N21)

Dress: Caboodle (ficceh) Malone Sweater Dress

Vest: Caboodle (ficceh) Malone Faux Fur Vest

Scarf: Suicidal Unborn (Eleanor Cyberstar) Basic Scarf

Poses: Reve Obscura (Lyriqz Xue) Shutterbug BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Camera  and Anveay Gambling 4 (store closed)

Photo Taken at Moscow Island

Second Life

Golden Girl

Golden Girl

“And all is not golden that glitters, And not all that glitters is gold”
~ Aloysius Charles Swinburne


Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Head Tumble V4.9

Head Applier: Atelier Pepe (ElviraValenta) Kate (Spring)

Eye Shadow Applier: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Midas Fauxe: Sandstorm Gold

Midas Makeups TSA

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body, Hands & Feet– Lara

Body Applier: Atelier Pepe (ElviraValenta) Spring Appliers

Nail Applier: ARISE (lonlysoule) Golden Nails / Style 3 (Gacha)

Tattoo: Prodigy Ink (7Prodigy) Paradise

Body Glitter: Nanika (sdevas) Gold Sequins Mesh body Appliers

Hair: LCKY (olli braveheart) Ramone (@ Salem)

Eyes: Avi-Glam (Kendra Partfort) Elysian Eyes – SummerNight

Ears: Swallow (Luciayes Magic) Ears Elf HD – High Definition (@ Shiny Shabby)

 Golden Girl

Dress: sYs (Syane Cisse) VENUS dress

Shoes: AiShA (Amanda Mir) Butterfly Sandals Gold

Earrings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Damore Earring

Damore Earrings

Rings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Grovie Rings (@ N21)

Grovie N21

Poses: K&S (KatyaSessions) ~Temptress~ animation 1, Lalochezia (Adeline Blackthorne)  Do You Remember 4 & marukin (valencia southard) jewellery-lips closeup series 05

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Haunted House Folding Screen RARE (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Fancy Pumpkins (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Giant Skull Decor (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Skeleton Table Large (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Classy Skull Couch RARE (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Skull Lamp (Gacha)

Boudoir (Precious Restless) High Society Halloween Gacha-Skeleton Side Table (Gacha)

Catwa (Catwa Clip) Lying Rose

A:S:S – Aeon 2 skybox (no longer available)

Photo Taken at Serenity


Plastik @ Enchantment & N21

Plastik @ Enchantment & N21

Hi everyone,

Yep I am back with more new releases to show you. I can’t sleep so I thought I would get a couple quick posts done to show you some of Plastik’s new releases. They are participating is so many great events and releasing such amazing things that I want to blog them all just so you can see.

Plastik has been one of my favorite stores since I was a wee little nooblet and here we are years later and they are still going strong. Make sure you check out Plastik at Enchantment and N21.

Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Head Tumble V4.9

Head Applier: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Lilo Applier Jamaica  –  Summer (@ The Forest)

Eye Shadow Applier: Deesses Boutique (nataliewells) CATWA – Star eyeshadow set

Hair: Analog Dog (Queue Marlowe) proud mary (@ Hairology)

Eyes: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Opalescence Eyes: Dora (@ Enchantment)

Earrings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) The Fors Earrings (@ N21)
Thank you Vae❤

Fors Earrings Main

Pose: Embody (Radagast Lexington) Stand Up 4


The Plastik @ N21 & Epiphany

The Plastik @ N21 & Epiphany

“A nice hot bath will fix just about anything…”



Mesh Head: LeLutka (jadenart) Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3

Head Applier: Essences (Inka Mexicola) [Mana] #Pale02 [System & Lelutka Applier] (Free Gift)

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Body Applier: Essences (Inka Mexicola) Maitreya Mesh Body [EVO]

Eyes: IKON (Ikon Innovia) Triumph Eyes – Soldier

The Plastik @ N21 & Epiphany


Towel: Meli Imako (Meli Inako)  Full Perm Rigged Mesh Ladies Head Towel Wrap – Fashion Kit

Earrings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Spire Quartz Pendant Earrings  (@ Epiphany)

Necklaces: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Lune Necklaces & Spire Quartz Pendant (@ Epiphany)

Bracelets: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Absole Bracelets (@ N21)

Rings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Absole Rings (@ N21)


Bathtub: Bazar (Ria Bazar) Floria-Bath tub

Candles: Bazar (Ria Bazar) Floria-Bathroom candlestick

Pose: AnVeay (AnVeay) Pigas 10

Awesome Sims, Fantasy Fashion, Fashion for Role Play

Bloody Good Day

Bloody Good Day

Hello everyone 🙂

Going to jump right into things and tell you about The Fantasy Collective which opened this morning at 12:00am. As you can see by the lineup below its packed with ALOT of incredible designers.


For this post I wanted to show you what the stunning jewelry set The Plastik released for N21 and what AiShA released for The Fantasy Collective.

AiShA has quickly become one of my favorite designers since I discovered them. Their designs are unique and completely work for the warrior in all of us with the added touch to remind our opponents we are all woman. The Tangled Top is a 100% original mesh design and comes in four colors, black, white, gold and silver and are rigged in standard size L, M, S & XS.

While you’re at The Fantasy Collective make sure you check out BAMSE’s chainsword. It is badass!

Over at N21 The Plastik the amazing Secretus Rings with matching bracelets. The set comes in brass, golden, gunmetal, noir, rosegold, silver and sterling for Maitreya or Slink casual hands.

The Plastik Secretus Rings

ok enough of my blah, blah, blah! Time to get to all the details of exactly what I am wearing. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. ❤


Skin: alterego (Toxxic Rhiannyr) I dionne – gen2 [soleil]

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Body Applier: alterego (Toxxic Rhiannyr) I maitreya – gen2 [soleil]

Nails: Formanails (Ivi Bing) Stiletto Nails – Maitreya Black – Silver

Tattoo: White~Widow (Julie Hastings) Assassin (@ Shiny Shabby)

Eye Scar: Corvus (Lori Stanton) Eyebrow Double Scar

Blood: flit ink (Flit Ulrik) Menace V3.3 Splatter tattoo w/ Mesh Appliers
Includes tattoo layer, Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers.

Hair: no.match (Viking) NO FREEDOM

Eyes: Clemmm (Clem Velinov) I’m Tired Eyes / Steely Bloodshot (@ We Role Play)

Ears: BentBox (DiaUlar) Sylvan Ears

Ear applier: alterego (Toxxic Rhiannyr) I bentbox – gen2 [lumiere]


Eye Shadow: SlackGirl (Shelby Loudwater) Riona 08 (@ Skin Fair)


Eyelashes: Mon Cheri (Freya Olivieri)  “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Lipstick: Pekka (ginevra rodex) HOMICIDAL Lipstick Grunge Edition (black) (store close but is available on the marketplace)


Top: AiShA (Amanda Mir) Tangled Top (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Thank you Amanda Mir ❤

Bra: Luas (ainaraluas) The Huntress Top Black (@ The Secret Affair)

Kilt: Enigma (Damon Pinelli) Battle Kilt

The Plastik and Tabou at tfc


Face Piercing: TABOU (glamsoglamour) Hana forehead piercing (@ The Fantasy Collective)

Septum Piercing: TABOU (glamsoglamour) Hana Septum (@ The Fantasy Collective)

Armor: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) Monk Shoulder Armor (Black) -Maitreya

Rings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Secretus Jewelry Set (@ N21)
Includes dots and starburst bracelets.
Thank you Aikea Rieko ❤

Sword: BAMSE (liamzander) Chainsword (@ The Fantasy Collective)

Poses: Inertia (LaPlegua) Stand Alone (@ Pose Fair) and marukin (Valencia Southard) jewellery-lips closeup series 05

Photo Taken at The Tales of Ashenborne (Fantasy medieval RP sim)

Awesome Sims, Fantasy Fashion, Fashion for Role Play

Magic of Blue Eyes – New releases from The Plastik, Jinx & Mistique

Magic of Blue Eyes

“Sometimes a girl has to be like the snow, beautiful, but cold.”
~ Unknown



Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Caroline Skin- New Day -India

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Shape: My Own

Tattoo: White~Widow (Julie Hastings) DeadMan

Nails: Yasum (Azlyn Vaher) Maitreya Nail Polish- CAT Applier

Hair: EMO-tions (Mirja Mills) AGNETA (head piece included)

Eyes: IKON (Ikon Innovia) ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Azure


Eyebrow Shaper: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Luna – eyebrown shape 1

Eyeliner: MONS (ekilem) Makeups – black eyeliner series-4

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri (Freya Olivieri)  “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD


Dress: Mistique (mahilwen mistwalker) Venia Black (2/2 @ Totally Top Shelf)
Thank you mahilwen mistwalker ❤

Boots: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Winterlichen Leather Boots


Necklace: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) The Arys Jewelry (@ Shiny Shabby)
Set includes necklace and earrings. It is available in brass, golden, gunmetal, noir, platinum, rosegold & silver.
Thank you Aikea Rieko


resting collageClick to enlarge pic


Long Necklace: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Genie Necklace (@ The Fantasy Collective)
Part of a set that also includes earrings.
Thank you Aikea Rieko

Bracelets: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko)The Seavyr Jewelry (@ N21)
Set includes left & right bracelets with matching rings. Gemstone & name plate hud included.
Thank you Aikea Rieko

resting handsClick to enlarge pic


Poses: Jinx (Julala Demina)  Resting with the Snow Leopard (50% off until the end of Jan) (MFGC)
AFK wearable, 2 versions included: one with an AFK banner and one without.

Purple Poses (audrey guter) Nails 05

Photo Taken at Blithe

Awesome Sims, Fantasy Fashion, Fashion for Role Play, Modern Role Play

Love like Winter

Love like Winter

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there within me lay an invincible summer.”
~ Albert Camus, French Novelist



Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) Liesje chestnut v2 (@ Make Over Room)
Thank you Izara Zuta ❤

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Body Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) Maitreya chestnut

Shape: My Own

Hair: little bones (Nova Faerye) Chorus

Eyes: IKON (Ikon Innovia) ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Azure


Eyebrow Shaper: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Luna – eyebrown shape 1

Eyeliner: Veechi (Aiubrey Snoodle) Glitter Liners [Blue]

Eyelashes: REDGRAVE (Emilia Redgrave) Eyelashes -31- Extra Long


Coat: Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. (Titania Halasy & Alia Baroque) Ekaterina (@ Wayward Winter)(MFGC)
Outfit is available in black, forest, red, royale & white. Included with the coat is the hat & handwarmer.
Thank you Titania Halasy & Alia Baroque ❤ ❤ ❤

Shoes: Ingenue (Betty Doyle) Laura Heels

Love like Winter


Necklace: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Arys Necklace (@ Shiny Shabby)

Rings: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Seavyr Rings (@ N21)

Photo Taken at Gates of Memories

Awesome Sims, Fantasy Fashion, Modern Role Play

Rescue Me

Rescue Me

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
~ Immanuuel Kant




Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands – Lara

Body Applier:  7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) Maitreya Pineapple

Rescue Me

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) Amalia new_icon (@ Suicide Dollz)
Thank you Izara Zuta ❤

Shape: My Own

Hair: BESOM x REIGN (Kattington & kenadeecole) Aristo Cat new_icon (@ N21)
BESOM x REIGN (Kattington & kenadeecole) ARCTIC FOX HOOD- FUR ADD ON PACK new_icon (@ N21)

Eyes: IKON (Ikon Innovia) Ascension Eyes – Leonine


Eyeliner: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Prezioso Eyes Makeup – 01

Eyelashes: Mon Cheri (Freya Olivieri) “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD


Top: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) Amelka sweater new_icon
Thank you Gocha Merlin ❤

Skirt: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) Amelka skirt new_icon
Thank you Gocha Merlin ❤

Boots: REIGN (kenadeecole) Marylin Boots


Necklace: Kibitz (Kathya Szczepanski) Casey choker

Poses: nani poses (Cherry Appletor) snuggly and Del May (Del May) Out of patience

Photo Taken at Ethereal City