The White Stag

The White Stag

“Honor all living things, for we are of the stag, and the salmon,
and the bee; so destroy not life, save it be to preserve your own.”

~ Scott Cunningham

Pandemonium (p4ndor4 quintessa) [Mesh] Widow’s Peak Snowy DesertS

Pandemonium (p4ndor4 quintessa) [Mesh] Snowy Desert Rock Landscaping Kit

Jinx (Julala Demina) White Stag Nodding, White Stag Grazing and White Stag Laying (old gacha – separate prizes)

Lunaria (larinda ravenheart) Snow Dusted Grass Mesh

Moon_Sha (Catherine Ashmoot) Dirt Road Snowy 2 – Straight Curvy (NonAlpha)

Xavier Novelli’s (Xavier Novelli) Best Weather System

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Pandemonium is BACK!!

Pandemonium is BACK!!

Hello Everyone,

After a 3 year absence from Second Life, p4ndor4 quintessa aka Pandypantaloonas, the creative mastermind is back and has already been hard at work creating quality mesh prefabs, landscaping products and all sorts of dark & sinister goodies. All their prefabs fits homestead or full regions, you can always see what you get before you buy, one click installation in less than 2 minutes, best quality prefab sims in Second Life and the RAW file & terrain textures are included.

Pandemonium is BACK!!

Today I wanted to show you Temple of the Skull from Pandemonium! The build is 64 x 64 Footprint, to fit a parcel 4096, it is modify, copy, no transfer, has a walk-able mesh base, 100% original mesh, partial mesh & materials, custom non distributed low lag textures, sacrifice area, catacombs, Inca/Mayan style building and it is perfect for RP or just as a temple on your sim. There is also great attention to detail in the design!

You can stop by Pandemonium to check out Temple of the Skull and all the amazing creations they have.

Teleport to Pandemonium

Pandemonium is BACK!!