News From the Arcade

News From the Arcade

Hello Everyone,

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Here in the northeast temperatures are climbing and will be hitting 90 the next couple of days. I was enjoying the upper 60’s and 70’s but knew it would come end at some point.

Luckily in SL the weather is always perfect for whatever you want to do. ūüėČ Today I have some previews for HEXtraordinary and The Plastik at The Arcade gacha event.

The Plastik is participating in The Arcade for the first time every and they have released Vindeluna. They describe it as “a world of curious rustic curios and mysterious adornments, items handcrafted from the finest and rarest materials our world has to offer! Decorate your humble abode or sprawling estate with these eccentric and awe-inspiring relics and add a little charm to your home. Illuminate your dwelling with a wide variety of lamps, lanterns and candles. Spruce up the place with a planter or two and take in the exquisite scents they have to offer paired with some incense. Have some tea, tell time or look to the stars¬†and if you‚Äôre lucky you might just catch one!” The set also includes¬†five extremely rare pieces that are absolutely gorgeous; The¬†Mahogany Hutch,¬†Geolab Table & Plant, Rika Floor Lamp, Andras Table & Chairs and¬†Phoe Shelves will fit in any home perfectly. There is also a lovely glass encased butterfly stand reward when you play the Vindeluna twenty five times. I put quite a few of the prizes in my post but it is not all of them but if you visit The Plastik’s blog or Flickr you can see the gacha key will all the prizes.

HEXtraordinary has this wonderful¬†Betta Aquariums at The Arcade and the fish are a little cranky. You should definitely play this machine so you can take these guys home and give them a happy place. ūüėČ It might make them less cranky. There is three different styles of aquarium, brass, tall and bowl, plus one rare and nine common animated bettas that can link to the tank and swim in them or wander anywhere. There is also three animated mystery snails to rez or wear. You can resize your¬†aquarium, fish and snails and the fish and snails come in different colors. I includes several of the fish and snails in my photos but to see all of them please visit¬†Corwin Lacourte’s, the owner of¬†HEXtraordinary, Flickr.

The Arcade is open til the end of the month and you should be able to get in with no problem now.


TP to The Arcade’s main location, 2nd location¬†or 3rd location


News From the Arcade


The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Vindeluna РQuartz Catcher, Grate Wall Planters, Shimma Cloches, Marbe Table, Geolab Coffee Table & Plant RARE, Victoria Lamp, Sunna Wall Sconce, Nina Wallhanger, Tassle Decor, Mahogany Hutch RARE, Candela Stand and Silas Armillary
[link]  (@ The Arcade)

what next (FrankLee Anatra) Pothos, Snake, Eucalyptus and Agave

Pilot (Kaz Nayar) Tufted Sofa [Tan Leather] (50L Friday)

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Cream Furred Rug


News From the Arcade


HEXtraordinary (Corwin Lacourte) Betta Bowl Aquarium, Blue & Gold Mystery Snail, Male Betta РBlue Jewel and Female Betta РSky & Crimson [link]  (@ The Arcade)


News From the Arcade


The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Vindeluna РMahogany Hutch RARE, Candela Stand, Silas Armillary, Rika Lamp RARE, Phoe Shelves RARE and
Swivel Hourglass [link]  (@ The Arcade)


News From the Arcade


The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Vindeluna РAndras Table & Chairs RARE, Valah Tea Set and Flatte Planter

what next (FrankLee Anatra) House Plant – Rubber Tree and Swiss Cheese Plant


News from Arcade & On9


Jian (jiansl) Playful Pibbles 16. Walkies Plz  (@ The Arcade)

ChiC buildings (Chic Aeon) Leather Lounging Pillow  (@ ON9)


News From the Arcade


The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Vindeluna РSpeye Glasses, Verra Mirror, Quare Planter and Incense Tria [link]  (@ The Arcade)

HEXtraordinary (Corwin Lacourte) Cranky Bagged Betta, Tall Betta Aquarium, Male Betta РSunrise Blue, Pearl & Ruby and Lavender Mystery Snail [link]  (@ The Arcade)

22769 (Paco Pooley) Lake House Console Table РCOMMON  (@ The Arcade)

The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Tritrunks Planter (Old Gacha)


Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns) New York Studio Apartment

Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns) L’Air Frais



Hi everyone,

One of my other can’t miss shows is the CW’s The 100.¬†Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization on Earth a spaceship that carries humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 trouble making kids¬†back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. The show has been on the air since 2014 and I have watched it from day 1. It’s about survival of these kids when they arrive but grows beyond that when they discover there is actually people on the ground. You have different factions or groups called the grounders (people living on the surface), mountain men (people who live in a bunker), reapers (cannibals living underground in mines) and sky crew (the kids from the spaceship). I’m not going to go into much more detail than that because I do not want to ruin the show for anyone but you definitely need to check it out. It is one of the best shows on TV right now and the upcoming season is really going to change things. You can catch the last 4 seasons on Netflix.




The owner of Ghost’Ink is also a HUGE fan of the 100 and was surprised to see there is no RP sims and there is not many creations inspired by the show so she created warpaint inspired by 3 of the female characters; Octavia (sky crew turned grounder), Clarke (the leader of the 100 kids) ¬†and Lexa (the one time commander of the grounders).

In this post I am showing you Ghost’Ink’s Octavia warpaint. She is one of my favorite characters and has grown so much over the 4 seasons. She started out as a very unsure girl sent to the ground and now is a fierce warrior.

I am also showing you Roawenwood’s¬†Huntsman Camp that you can find at the¬†Twisted Summer Sale. The camp contains fur rugs, 3 stockade styles, a barrel seat with 9 animations (sword sharpening and male & female sits) and lean-to in 2 different textures.

I am just going to get to what I am wearing because I could go on but as I said I do not want to spoil the show for anyone. ūüôā

Stay tuned for previews for Clarke and Lexa soon. ‚̧


Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya

Head Applier:¬†Pumec (otyebis) May – Catwa Skin App. — RARE¬†¬†(@ Chapter 4)

Eyebrow Shaper: adored (ampersand artful) lady luck eyebrow shape

Warpaint:¬†Ghost’Ink¬†(Rockberry Fairlady) ¬†Octavia WarPaint¬†
Contains appliers for Omega, Genesis Lab, Catwa, Lelutka and is Bento compatible.

Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Bento hands ‚Äď Lara

Body Applier: Pumec (otyebis) Body Appliers 3 in 1 (@ Chapter 4)

Hair: no.match (viking) No Other

Eyes: Avi-Glam (Kendra Partfort) Lucent Eyes Nut [link]  (@ Souled Out)

Ears: Pumec (otyebis) Mesh Ears #4


Jacket: DE Designs (DoC Eldritch) Meera Jacket

Pants: R3volt (scarlet singer) Analia Pants [link]


Pauldrons: Ladies who Lunch (Faint Paulse) Mikasa Spaulder

Gloves: Tabou (glamsoglamour resident) Grunge Gloves

Rings: Kibitz (Kathya Szczepanski) Rae rings

Belt: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Sadianie -Belt- (old gacha)


Roawenwood Hunstman Campe2


Camp: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Hunstman Camp  (@ Twisted Summer Sale)
Includes fur rugs, 3 stockade styles, a barrel seat with 9 animations (sword sharpening and male & female sits) and lean-to in 2 different textures.


Pose: Bauhaus Movement (LouLou Teichmann) Luna-Beam 6

Waiting Here For You

Waiting Here For You

‚ÄúHow much of human life is lost in waiting.‚ÄĚ
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mesh Head:¬†LeLutka (jadenart) Head¬†‚Äď Chloe 2.7

Head Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) MOREYA mesh head applier [ lelutka ]  (@ Applique)

Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body‚Äď Lara

Hands: Vista (Vista Barnes) Prohand V.1FINAL

Body Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) 2017 skin HUD omega

Omega (chellynne bailey) Omega System Kit ‚Äď Maitreya v.1.7

Omega (chellynne bailey) System Kit – Vista


Waiting Here For You


Nails: SlackGirl (SlackGirl) SLACK CLAW Vista [link]
Mesh Claw Nails for Maitreya & Tuty Bento hands with a 20 colors texture hud

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell) Maya [link]  (@ Fashion Bloc)

Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) Class Act

Eyes: SlackGirl (SlackGirl) Sky Eyes [link]  (@ Designer Circle Event)


Gown: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) ¬†Tavern Mistress Gown – Maitreya Lara¬†¬†(@ We ‚̧ Role Play)


Waiting Here For You


Necklace: Supernatural (Sombria Baily) Shantal [link]  (@ Whimsical)
Matching earrings are also included

Rings: SlackGirl (SlackGirl) Celtic BENTO Mesh Rings [link]
Available for Maitreya,  Vista & Tuty Bento Hands…Pack of 5 Rings you can use them separately and a Texture hud to customize as you want them.


Pose: Artis (Tamara Artis) Gazebo pose prop


Photo Taken at Serenity

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Hi everyone ūüôā

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Just a quick post today to show you Roawenwood’s¬†Sovereign Born Chaise Set from March’s Treasure Chest.¬†Treasure Chest is Second Life’s first roleplay oriented subscription Box event focusing on Fantasy, Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic and Sci-fi themes. Every month a selection of the grids best designers bring¬†new, completely exclusive, original creations only available through the Chest and even thought March is over you can still get last months Treasure Chest! To learn more about Treasure Chest you can visit their blog or stop by their in world location.

The Sovereign Born Chaise comes with twenty seven singles animations and twenty four couples animations with a land impact of ten. Included in the set are the tall oil lamps on the sides of chaise in my photo and they are two land impact. It is a lovely set that is perfect for your home, tent, castle or wherever you get the royal treatment.

Now on to all the details of the items I used in my photo. ‚̧


Mirage (Spooky Mistwallow) Treasure Chest w/Parrot

Mirage (Spooky Mistwallow) Brass Hookah РPurple

Mirage (Spooky Mistwallow) Candle Cluster – Moody Mix

what next (FrankLee Anatra) ‘House Plants

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Sovereign Born Chaise Set (Treasure Chest March)

Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach) Stardreamer Rugs

BEST MESH models & statues HD (Flower Elton) HQ 3D MESH Tiger laying down

keke (Kean Kelly) shimmer strings

Gypsy Chic (crisshoney Violet) Boho Tent Gifts (2016 Boho Culture Fair gift)



Hi everyone ūüôā

Recently Roawenwood released a new cage but this is not just any cage.¬† With two levels this cage can hold both male and female slaves, captives, playmates, whoever you want to cage. The upper cage has twenty five animations, the bottom has 59 and the include sits, kneels and play. That’s not all because built into the cage is a mask and cuffs that can be added to any pose. This cage is sure to please captor and captive. ūüėČ


You can check out the cage at Roawenwood‘s main location or at Fetish Fair running now til February 17th.


A Certain Shade of Green

A Certain Shade of Green

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is
no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

~ Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India



Mesh Head: CATWA (Catwa Clip) Bento Head Catya

Head Applier: Insol (almercury) face Sarah (CATWA), ST04 ‘Copper’

Eye Shadow Applier: SlackGirl (Shelby Loudwater) Kalia* Shadow for Omega & Classic AV (@ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly)


Omega (chellynne bailey) System Kit – Catwa

Lipstick Applier: SlackGirl (Shelby Loudwater) JullieLips for CATWA HEAD

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body with Hands ‚Äď Lara

Body Applier: Insol (almercury) Maitreya skin applier HUD

A Certain Shade of Green

Nail Applier: Dark Passions (Bcreative Wilde) Koffin Nails РJeweled Ombre Solids (@ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly)

Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Jeweled Ombre Solids

Tattoo: Things (Nheria) Atinne Red

Hair: pr!tty (karla marama) Krissi

Eyes: Avi-Glam (Kendra Partfort) Ardor Eyes – Green (@ Men Only Monthly)



Top: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko) Kynareth [Mait Corset]: Sanguine



Crown: LODE (chirzaka vlodovic) Head Accessory – Peony Crown (old gacha)

LODE (chirzaka vlodovic) Head Accessory – Thorns and Grace Leaf Wreath (@ Shiny Shabby)

Choker: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Barb Wire & Roses РChoker (@ Gacha Guardians)


Rings: Kibitz (Kathya Szczepanski) Gaia rings (@ The Epiphany)


Poses: Le Poppycock (Olivia Lalonde) The Flirt & Le Poppycock (Olivia Lalonde) The Gossip Girl


Photo Taken at Serenity


New Releases from PFC & Roawenwood

New Releases from PFC & Roawenwood

“The great questions of the day will not be settled by means
of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.”
~ Otto von Bismarck


Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Head Tumble V4.9

Head Applier: alterego (Toxxic Rhiannyr) I natalia Рsoleil

Bruises: the crone (thecronestore) corruption . skin affliction

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body & Hands ‚Äď Lara

Body Applier: alterego¬†(Toxxic Rhiannyr) I maitreya ‚Äď gen2 [soleil]

Hair: no.match (viking) No Understanding

Eyes: Clemmm (Clem Velinov) I’m Tired Eyes

New Releases from PFC & Roawenwood

Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich (Cameron Vasiliov) Nothing To Lose Top

Fur: Pucca Firecaster Creations (Pucca Firecaster) The Lion (@ We ‚̧ Role Play)

Pants: The Fallen (Triad Fallen) AfterMath

Collar: CerberusXing (Kamayari) Kunai Collar

Sleeves: Pucca Firecaster Creations (Pucca Firecaster) Punk Arms (@ The Secret Affair)

PFC~Punk Arms

Gloves: TABOU (glamsoglamour resident) Grunge Gloves

Dog: Foxes (Nina Helix) Urban Fallout РHound РBlack

Gun: /SA\ – Basic M4a2 V2.0 (Store closed)

Bat: TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat) Spiked Baseball Bat

Machete: PSYCHO:Byts (Psikotik Gothly) Zombie Killer – Machete

New Releases from PFC & Roawenwood

Tower: Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Watchdog Watchtower Set 1 (November Treasure Chest)

Trees:¬†Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Autumn Fire Trees Set (@ We ‚̧ Role Play)

Poses: Del May (Del May) Crouch male & Del May (Del May) Cool stand male

Photo Taken at Serenity



“My prayer is to learn new things, imbibe fresh insights. You must
take life too seriously. You must enjoy the process of living.”
~ Sonu Nigam



Mesh Head: LeLutka (jadenart) Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3

Head Applier: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) ( Lelutka Heads ) LiuLy ( India ) 02 (Old Gacha)

Eye Shadow Applier: Deesses Boutique (nataliewells) LeLutka РFortune eyeshadow set

Mesh Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body, Hands & Feet‚Äď Lara

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo (Leti Hax) Diwali

Hair: Truth Hair (Truth Hawks) Minerva

Eyes: Avi-Glam (Kendra Partfort) Elysian Eyes – Aqua (@ Cosmopolitan Room)

Outfit: !gO! (Gocha Merlin) Latifa (@ Crossroads)



Veil: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Karishma Veil RARE (Old Gacha)

Headdress: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Karishma Tiara RARE (Old Gacha)

Nose Ring: Izzie’s (Izzie Button) Nidhi Nose Ring

Choker: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Karishma Choker (Old Gacha)

Necklace: aisling (Druunah Esharham) Karishma Plastron Necklace (Old Gacha)

Rings: Izzie’s (Izzie Button) Celestial Midi Rings

Poses:  AnVeay (AnVeay) Ava Gambling 3 and Pics n Poses (Sue Hunniton) My Prayer-Kneeling


Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett) Alaouite Skybox Prefab (Luxebox June)

Knick Knacks (Yeiyaiel Resident & Natacha Haroldsen) 1001 nuits Рblue poof, lace carpet, carpet, turquoise poof & 2 pillows  (Gacha items @ Crossroads)

Zaara (Zaara Kohime) [home] : 15  Jali lamps  *kamal*  & Copper frangipani bowl *white* (Old Gacha)

Spiritual Life (Markes Drut) Ganesh golden musical statue
A texture on a prim with sounds and not an actual statue.

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Midshimmer HarpFlower Scatter, Midshimmer Harpist Spectators Stool & Midshimmer Harp (All @ Indie Teepee)

Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge) Hanging Star COMMON (@ Indie TeePee)

News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Hi everyone ūüôā

Fantasy Faire is in full swing now with daily events, a hunt and of course LOTS of fantastic shops. In this post I wanted to show your some more previews but this time I wanted to show you some of the great things you can pick up for your sim.

I also had to show you this gorgeous castle cottage from M&M Creations. When you purchase BeauRoche you get a high and low lod version. Both are very low in prims; the high is 95 and the low is 56 prims. For this post I used the low lod version and only have photos of the outside. Tomorrow I will show you around the inside. ūüôā

This is a long post but I wanted to give previews with lots of close up shots so you can really see what everything looks like. If you click on the photos they will enlarge to give you a better look.

I will have another post today featuring a gorgeous gown so stay tuned. ‚̧

News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

 M&M Creations (Marcthur Goosson) BeauRoche MFGC
Thank you Marcthur Goosson ‚̧


FF Outdoor 4

ChiC buildings (Chic Aeon) Fantasy Lookout Fantasy Faire Hunt Prize (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Chic Aeon ‚̧

Heart (Lilith Heart) WILDWOOD Witch Forest – Black Oak


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Simply Shelby (Shelby Olivier) Summer Ruins (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Shelby Olivier ‚̧


FF Outdoor 3

¬†CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “The Dreamer” Birdbath Stand – Verdi metal (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Cherelle Capra ‚̧


FF Outdoor 5

CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “The Dreamer” Couple’s Mossy Sit Log A (22 pos) (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 12

CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “Wild Forest” Grazing Rabbits Stump¬† Fantasy Faire Gift¬† (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 6

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Bench, Sylvan Glade Fence with Flowers A, Sylvan
Glade Fence Plain and Sylvan Glade Fence with Flowers B (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Zevyah ‚̧


FF Outdoor 7

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Birdhouse Fountain (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 8

Kaerri (Kaerri Rae) Lavender Field (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Kaerri Rae ‚̧

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitchske) Mesh Wild Grass (@ Fantasy Faire)
Part of the Roawenwood Deep Woods Forest Sojourn set.
This is exclusive to Fantasy Faire and 100% of each sale go to RFL.
Thank you Searlait Nitchske ‚̧

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Gazebo – Classic Sized (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 9

Homebase (Baljaro) MEdieval Campfire (@ Fantasy Faire) MFGC
Thank you Baljaro ‚̧


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitchske) Deep Woods Forest Sojourn (@ Fantasy Faire)


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Homebase (Baljaro) Celtic Stonecircle (@ Fantasy Faire) MFGC


Serenity – New Releases from Roawenwood & Hextraordinary

Serenity“Serenity is the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.”


Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Oakenfield Tree v2b
Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Oakenfield Tree v2a
Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Oakenfield Tree v1a

Happy Mood (Sasaya Kayo) Sweet Garden Grass02 – yellow
Happy Mood (Sasaya Kayo) Sweet Garden Grass06 – yellow*a
Happy Mood (Sasaya Kayo) Sweet Garden Grass07 – a

Harshlands (Kadaj Yoshikawa) Elven Ruin

Sweet Revolutions (sweetgwendoline bailey) Red Deer Heard with Sounds mt 1

HEXtraordinary (Corwin Lacourte) Four Gargoyles Fountain




Serenity‚ÄúMake no mistake, little human. You are under my protection now, and I protect what is mine.‚ÄĚ
~ Danielle Monsch, Stone Guardian


HEXtraordinary (Corwin Lacourte) Four Gargoyles Fountain



“Let us love dogs; let us only love dogs.
Men and cats are unworthy
~ Maria Konstantinova Bashkirtseff


keke (Kean Kelly) star glitter

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Mesh Butterfly Tracks (@ We ‚̧ Role Play)
Three sets of animated butterflies. Single track, double track w. stones & grass and triple track w. stones & grass. Nine different butterflies to choose from for each track. Can change the butterflies from twenty meters to sim wide all at once.
Thank you Searlait Nitschke ‚̧

{RW} Lit Balancoire - Adult_Full Version

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitschke) Lit Balancoire (@ The Liaison Collaborative)

Birdy (tyr rozenblum) Shabby Cats – Poseables Pack – Lay – Brown

Just Animals (Hannah Kozlowski) French Bulldog – Mesh – Full Perm

Dysfunctionality (Anke Hatchuk) Little Bunny

anc (aki69 Resident) NO LIMITS walking dove.A [egg-yellow] (old gacha)

anc (aki69 Resident) NO LIMITS eating dove. [egg-yellow] (old gacha)


Serenity“Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.”
~ Robert Anthony


The Muses (dolce blackflag) Nodding Violet . 1

HEXtraordinary (Corwin Lacourte) Hippocampus Fountain (@ We ‚̧ Role Play)
Thank you Corwin Lacourte ‚̧

Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) Great Horned Owl – Brown (Look Right)

anc (aki69 Resident) suger rose field [purple]