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Sanctuary of Rock Holiday Event Tonight 6pm

SOR Holiday Event 6pm tonight

Twas a week before Christmas
and all through the Club
The tunes were a rocking
and there was so much love
Butthead was ripped from bottom to top and Ani was afraid, she’d have to follow with a mop…

Come join them for SoR’s annual Christmas Party!

Wear your best ball attire and come dazzle us.


Relay For Life, SL Clubs

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting SOR's RFL event


There are no words to express how blown away I am for the support our Relay for Life DJ battle received yesterday. Over the years at Sanctuary Rock & Sanctuary of Rock we have done several events for Relay for Life. Even before my own Father’s battle with cancer I made sure we always supported it and then after watching the battle up close it became even more important to me but this year’s battle was even more so. The past couple of months I have watched people I care about lose someone they love to this awful disease. Bronson A Dagger lost his Grandmother not too long ago and shared why he got up at 4am yesterday just to be in the battle, Pixie Thursday lost her Dad 11 years ago to cancer and not a day goes by she doesn’t miss her Dad, something she and I share in common and for the past couple months I watched as Madeleine Munro went through so much with her mom and then her passing last Sunday. They all shared their reasons for being in the battle and why it was so important on their FB pages and there is still so many of you who have family or friends fighting cancer or your dealing with the loss of someone because of cancer.

Yesterday was for all of you and the survivors of cancer. We are all in this battle together, better treatments need to be found and ultimately a cure and that’s why myself and SOR will always do what we can to raise lindens to try to help accomplish that goal.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and rocked out with us. Because of your support we raised over 42,000 L during the event.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ♥♥♥
~ Lainey


P.S. I will be back to blogging Monday. Was an insane week but back to bringing you lots of new & upcoming releases.


Sanctuary of Rock’s Annual Christmas Ball is today

Sanctuary of Rock Christmas Ball
December 19th 12pm slt & 6pm slt

Today Sanctuary of Rock celebrates the holiday season in style with our annual Christmas ball. Join us at 12pm slt or 6pm slt for great music, awesome people and a chance to win 1000L in our best dressed contest.

It will be a fun time and we would love for you to join us!

TP to Sanctuary of Rock

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Sanctuary of Rock Logo Contest

 Sanctuary of Rock Logo Contest

Hello everyone 🙂

Yes I am still on a blogging break but I doubt it will last the entire month!  I am going through blogging withdrawals and my inventory is bursting with all sorts of things I want to show you but I am going to at least take a few more days then will be rested up and ready to go.

In the meantime I wanted to post about the logo contest we are having at the club I co- own, Sanctuary of Rock. The contest is open to anyone who would like to submit a entry. 🙂

Here is all the details:

In anticipation of our one year anniversary, Sanctuary of Rock is holding a contest.  We’re going to let YOU design the new logo for Sanctuary of Rock!!!

Prizes will be given out on July 4…. 10,000 Lindens (that’s right TEN THOUSAND) for the winner as well as prizes for the runners up!

Here’s how it works and how you enter!

1.  Create an ORIGINAL piece of artwork for our new Logo… a little of the old, a little new – make it amazing!  The texture size should be 1024×768.

2.  Submit your entry to jtylar resident (in world) or  Tylar Rejan (on facebook) NO LATER THAN JUNE 12, 2015.

3.  All submissions will be given to the owners of Sanctuary of Rock to review – the TOP 3 submissions will be displayed in the club from  JUNE 15 to JULY 3 to let all the VIPs vote for their favorite!

4.  On July 4, 2015 we will announce the winner and hand out prizes!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In case you need some inspiration here is your limo.