Awakening – Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque Today

I had the honor of being asked to DJ Alia’s jail and bail today, to say I am nervous is a understatement. lol I’ve been djing since 2008 so you would think it would be just another DJ gig but this is one like no other. Its Fantasy Faire!! Being a blogger and being around this event for so many years I know how important it is to so many people and how much work is put in to the sims, the designs, the events, just everything. Everyone puts their all into it and I definitely don’t want to let anyone down or drop any F-bombs on a PG sim. lol

The tunes will be Goth, Rock and some epic metal but since this is a themed event I won’t be taking requests. The music starts at 4pm slt! Hope you can stop by and help bail Alia out. Its all to raise lindens for Relay for Life.

If you need a TP you can IM me in world. 🙂



Join us tonight for the Event Also Commonly Known as the Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque, 4-6pm slt, at Midas – Fantasy Faire 2019 with Dj Lainey Thorne.

You will have the choice to support the awakened Midas, goldthirsty God of riches and Bling, or the awakened Ishtar, Goddess protector of the City Gardens and all that grows.

I’ll be a servant to the Gods and their will, as their strength will rise by your support and donations which will decide the fate of Midas: covered in gold or preserved as it is with its fresh gardens.

Two special edition skin-sets will be available as donation rewards if you choose to support one of the sides, or both, and they will never be available again.

Thank you in advance for your support, presence and engagement and I See you tonight,

Skin sets Previews: Coming soon

TELEPORT to Midas / Main Event
SIDE PLATFORM on Junction: TELEPORT – coming soon
SIDE PLATFORM on Twilight Springs: TELEPORT – coming soon

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Fantasy Faire 2019 Shopping Guide


The Pinterest Shopping Catalog has new RFL releases from Fantasy Faire for your window shopping pleasure! Use the SLURLs on the page to teleport straight to the booths in the Fairelands!

1313 Mockingbird Lane (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

3rd Eye Perceptions (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Ab Fab (Location in Faireholm)

{Acios} (Location in Bayounimba)

Adeyakko (Location in Bayounimba)

Adorably Strange Wares (Location in Midas)

Air (Location in The Shrine Tree)

.AiShA. (Location in Faireholm)

[ Aleutia ] (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

alpha.tribe (Location in Midas)

*Amaranthus* (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Analog Dog Hair (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

The Annex (Locationin Tensor’s Flying Market)

:: ANTAYA :: (Location in Midas)

Aphrodite Shop (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Artisan Fantasy (Location in Midas)

Ashbourne & Co Fine Jewellers (Location in Bayounimba)

~AtaMe~ (Location in Midas)

Atomic Kitties (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Attitude is an Artform (Location in Twilight Spring)

-AZUL- (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Bad Katz (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Balderdash (Location in Midas)

Bare Rose (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Belle Epoque (Location in Faireholm)

Birth (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Bliensen + MaiTai (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Boomerang (Location in Faireholm)

booN (Location in Midas)

Boudoir (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Building Blocks of Life (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Butanik83 (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

*~by Nacht (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

:::c*C*c::: (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Cerridwen’s Cauldron (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

ChangHigh Art Shop (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

charming forge (Location in Bayounimba)

CHIMAERA (Location in Midas)

Cinnamon (Location in Faireholm)

[CIRCA] Living (Location in Twilight Spring)

Cole’s Corner (Location in The Shrine Tree)

{collect} (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

[ContraptioN] (Location in The Shrine Tree)

The Crosstime Garage (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

The Crystal Clothing Co. (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

[Cubic Cherry] (Location in Midas)

Curious Kitties (Location in Faireholm)

Cygnet’s Dreams (Location in Bayounimba)

Dandelion Daydreams Factory (Location in Midas)

The Dark Fae (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Dark Passions (Location in Twilight Spring)

DCKM (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Deadly Nightshade (Location in Twilight Spring)

Designs by Isaura (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

DFS Digital Farming System (Location in Bayounimba)

!dM deviousMind (Location in Midas)

Dragon Magick Wares (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Dreamcatcher (Location in Faireholm)

Dreaming Thicket (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

*~Dream Things~* (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Eagle’s Photo Studio (Location in The Shrine Tree)

=EC Designs= (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

.: Eclectic Stars :. (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

=ED= Eagle Designs (Location in Twilight Spring)

EED Home&Garden (Location in The Shrine Tree)

.Eldritch. (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Elemental (Location in Twilight Spring)

*Elite Equestrian* (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

The Elven Forest (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Endless Pain Tattoos (Location in Twilight Spring)

Epic (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Epic Toy Factory (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

ERSCH (Location in Faireholm)

E.V.E (Location in The Shrine Tree)

[EvelineInTheBox] (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

:[Even~Tide]: (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Evie’s Closet (Location in Midas)

Fae Fantasy Creations (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Faida (Location in Midas)

Fallen Gods Inc. (Location in Midas)

Fantasy China (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

A Fantasy Creators Collective (Location in Midas)

Fantavatar & Moonstruck (Location in Midas)

Fashiowl Poses (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Feyline Fashions (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Firelight (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Flying Horse Head Studios (Location in Faireholm)

The Forge (Location in Twilight Spring)

FreakyDesign (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

.: Fujiwara’s World :. (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Gecko Creations (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Ghoul 喰種 – グール (Location in Twilight Spring)

Global Nomads (Location in Bayounimba)

God Mod (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Grey’s Mind Maze (Location in Bayounimba)

GUARAN-DOU (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Gypsy Wolf (Location in Twilight Spring)

Harshlands (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

. Harvest Moon . (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

HEXtraordinary (Location in The Shrine Tree)

HILTED (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

THE HOME STORE (Location in Bayounimba)

*~*HopScotch*~* (Location in Midas)

Icaland Ind. (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Illusions: Masks & Unique Accessories (Location in Midas)

~Jeanette’s Joint~ (Location in Bayounimba)

Jinx (Location in Faireholm)

John Dee’s Emporium (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Juna Artistic Tattoo (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Kittycat’s Creations (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Kitty Creations (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Kotolier (Location in Midas)

Lacrime dell’anima (Location in Midas)

~Lantian/Flox~ (Location in Midas)

lassitude & ennui (Location in Midas)

Last Ride (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Lilith’s Den (Location in Midas)

Little 2 Large (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

The Little Bat (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Little, Big Designs (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Little Branch (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Living the FantaSea (Location in Midas)

Lomomo (Location in The Shrine Tree)

The Looking Glass (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Lore (Location in Bayounimba)

The Lost Unicorn Gallery (Location in Faireholm)

.:*LOULOU&CO*:. (Location in The Shrine Tree)

LOVE (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

*lunacy* (Location in Twilight Spring)

.Lunaria. (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Lunar Seasonal Designs (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Lunistice (Location in Faireholm)

Mindgardens Creations (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Mini A Chuu (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Mishmash Fusion (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

:=- momomuller / 3M -=: mens pose & MMMA (Location in Twilight Spring)

Moonley Inc. (Location in Midas)

Moonlitecat Creations (Location in Midas)

MurTails (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Musa (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Mystical Menagerie (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

~ Mystic Sky ~ (Location in Bayounimba)

~Mythril~ (Location in Faireholm)

NAMINOKE (Location in Midas)

ND/MD (Location in Faireholm)

The NeoVictoria Project (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

NeverWish (Location in Midas)

NutBusterz (Location in Faireholm)

The Olde Attic (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Old World (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

On A Lark (Location in Midas)

*paper moon* (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

.:Partners in Crime:. (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Peach Boy (Location in Twilight Spring)

%Percent (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Plastik (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Poet’s Heart (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Polenth’s Mushporium (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Poseidon (Location in Twilight Spring)

Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Rainy Fey Creations (Location in Midas)

Raven Bell (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Rivendale (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Roawenwood (Location in Twilight Spring)

Roman Creations (Location in Faireholm)

Roped Passions (Location in Bayounimba)

ROZOREGALIA (Location in Midas)

***Safe Waters Foundation*** (Location in Bayounimba)

Sakka’s Studio (Location in Midas)

SAKIDE (Location in Twilight Spring)

Scarlet Fey (Location in Faireholm)

Secrets of Gaia (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Senzafine (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

[Seydr] (Location in The Shrine Tree)

SHIVA (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Silvan Moon Designs (Location in Midas)

Simply Shelby (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Sinful Needs (Location in Twilight Spring)

Solarium (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

.:Soul:. (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

SouthSide Modeling (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

SPARROW (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Spider Production (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Spyralle (Location in Midas)

Stardust (Location in Faireholm)

Stargazer Creations (Location in Midas)

Star Journey (Location in Bayounimba)

::Static:: (Location in Bayounimba)

Stitched (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Stone’s Works (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

/studioDire/ (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Suzume Zuki (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Sway’s (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

~*Sweet Revolutions*~ (Location in Bayounimba)

SynCo (Location in Midas)

Syren’s Song (Location in Twilight Spring)

Talevin’s Designs (Location in The Shrine Tree)

[TF] – Tamiron Forge (Location in Bayounimba)

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Team ACTS (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Teegle (Location in Faireholm)

ThatChick (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

*Tickled Pink* (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

Tiny Inc – Dinkies (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

**Tir Na Nog** (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Titans (Location in The Light of Va’loth)

Touryuumon: Maho Sukoruru (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

*TRB* A Woman’s Touch (Location in Twilight Spring)

[][]Trap[][] (Location in The Shrine Tree)

TRS Designs (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Tylar’s Treasures (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

United InshCon (Location in Sanguinely Garden)

Unrepentant (Location in Twilight Spring)

Wasabi (Location in Midas)

Whymsical Marketplace (Location in Twilight Spring)

Wilds of Organica / Organica Specialty Landscaping & Home Decor (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Wishbringer (Location in Faireholm)

Witch)O(Craft (Location in Faireholm)

W-ZERO (Location in The Shrine Tree)

Velvet Whip (Location in Midas)

VENGE (Location in Midas)

VH (Location in Dept. of Discarded Curiosities)

.Viki. (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

Visual Magick (Location in Bayounimba)

*Xtal* Store (Location in Bayounimba)

Zan’s (Location in Tensors’ Flying Market)

Zuri Jewelry (Location in Nightshade Blossoms)

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