Back to School

Back to School

Hello everyone,

School is getting a little kinky thanks to Roawenwood’s new release, Kinky Back to School Gacha, at Romp. There is 7 common items that you can win; books, blotter, globe, bookcase, framed maps, time out chair, 5 animations, and bondage chair. 6 singles & 7 couple animations.



For the rares you can get the student desk, 9 singles & 14 couple animations, chalkboard, 3 singles & 13 couple animations, and the principals desk that has 5 solo and 22 couple animations. The rares have adult animations, sex, flogging, paddling and so much more!


Back to School


This is a great set for anyone who might need to discipline a certain wicked man or playful woman. 😉

This gacha is only available at Romp until August 25th.


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Hi everyone 🙂

Fantasy Faire is in full swing now with daily events, a hunt and of course LOTS of fantastic shops. In this post I wanted to show your some more previews but this time I wanted to show you some of the great things you can pick up for your sim.

I also had to show you this gorgeous castle cottage from M&M Creations. When you purchase BeauRoche you get a high and low lod version. Both are very low in prims; the high is 95 and the low is 56 prims. For this post I used the low lod version and only have photos of the outside. Tomorrow I will show you around the inside. 🙂

This is a long post but I wanted to give previews with lots of close up shots so you can really see what everything looks like. If you click on the photos they will enlarge to give you a better look.

I will have another post today featuring a gorgeous gown so stay tuned. ❤

News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

 M&M Creations (Marcthur Goosson) BeauRoche MFGC
Thank you Marcthur Goosson ❤


FF Outdoor 4

ChiC buildings (Chic Aeon) Fantasy Lookout Fantasy Faire Hunt Prize (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Chic Aeon ❤

Heart (Lilith Heart) WILDWOOD Witch Forest – Black Oak


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Simply Shelby (Shelby Olivier) Summer Ruins (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Shelby Olivier ❤


FF Outdoor 3

 CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “The Dreamer” Birdbath Stand – Verdi metal (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Cherelle Capra ❤


FF Outdoor 5

CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “The Dreamer” Couple’s Mossy Sit Log A (22 pos) (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 12

CIRCA (Cherelle Capra) “Wild Forest” Grazing Rabbits Stump  Fantasy Faire Gift  (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 6

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Bench, Sylvan Glade Fence with Flowers A, Sylvan
Glade Fence Plain and Sylvan Glade Fence with Flowers B (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Zevyah ❤


FF Outdoor 7

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Birdhouse Fountain (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 8

Kaerri (Kaerri Rae) Lavender Field (@ Fantasy Faire)
Thank you Kaerri Rae ❤

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitchske) Mesh Wild Grass (@ Fantasy Faire)
Part of the Roawenwood Deep Woods Forest Sojourn set.
This is exclusive to Fantasy Faire and 100% of each sale go to RFL.
Thank you Searlait Nitchske ❤

Petite Plunder (Zevyah) Sylvan Glade Gazebo – Classic Sized (@ Fantasy Faire)


FF Outdoor 9

Homebase (Baljaro) MEdieval Campfire (@ Fantasy Faire) MFGC
Thank you Baljaro ❤


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Roawenwood (Searlait Nitchske) Deep Woods Forest Sojourn (@ Fantasy Faire)


News from M&M Creations and Fantasy Faire

Homebase (Baljaro) Celtic Stonecircle (@ Fantasy Faire) MFGC